Frequently Asked Questions

All Products are tested Before delivery , full Functional and operate as described 

Bellow Each Product you Will find a short Description about functionalities and how you can Use , even a video of  can be found in as Demonstration

Q&A : 


1. Are Accounts Hacked / Cracked ?

No , All accounts Are Made with real information with owner permissions / or without depends on the account your buying 

Cracked accounts Will be in a different section exemple Netflix , Spotify Premium …. 


2.Can the Owner take back or Someone Steal the account ?

No . After Secure the account no one including me can get back the access to your account , once the account is Sold we send you instructions on how to secure sometimes just changing email password and phone number password is enough 

 You can always do Extra Securing by adding 2fa to the email , even changing email and phone number ( this is not recommended to be done at first it might flag security ) 

3.What to do About phone number of the account ?


We Either Use Virtual phone number which you can renew of course for cheap prices as exemple  ( Revolut business we use virtual because you can’t change the phone ) 

else if possible we change it  to your phone number as we do for Bunq ,

Transferwise , ING …

4. Can I negotiate the Price ?

 You can for Bulk Orders , else prices are fixed we try to keep the prices as low as possible so even resellers and costumers who need bulk can buy from us 

5. Warranty

   Each Product have it own warranty , estimately  5 days . Warranty is only given to those who follow instructions given if you don’t follow instructions = no warranty 


can take up to 48h depending on the product , if in stock it’s normally Instant 

1. After delivery can I ask for Refund ?

Sorry to say that we can’t accept that , after delivery is done we can’t accept to issue a refund , therefore if there is an issue with the product we will replace  

2. Delivery is Taking to Long ?

if we can’t deliver within 48h or discussed time you have all the right to ask for a full  refund


If you have More Questions or facing a problem please contact me here 

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